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What is a Booking Statement and how does it work?

This article is for: Managers

The Booking Statement is a PDF document that provides all critical information about the booking to your guest.  It includes the following information:

  • Guest and booking details
  • Property manager (or owner-manager) name and contact information
  • Rental Terms (provided these have been supplied to us)

Once the booking is Accepted, the following information can also be found in the Booking Statement:

  • Quoted charges (if a quotation exists for this booking)
  • A Payment Schedule showing when payments are due

Then, if any Charges or Payments are recorded on the booking the following information also appears in the Booking Statement:

  • A Payment Summary showing the total charge, what’s been paid so far, and the balance remaining
  • Record of Charges and Payment information.

Booking Statements can be sent as a PDF attachment on any emails you send via the Bookabach website (tick the box in the “Attach” section when you’re on the Send Email page).  You can also download the Booking Statement (you’ll find the link in an opened booking) and send it via Outlook or any other email software. 

Renters can also view/download the Booking Statement themselves by going to My Bookabach > Bookings > Booking Statement: view/download.

How do Quotations work?

This article is for: Managers

To enable the Quotations function, please:

1) Go to and log in.
2) Go to My Settings > Advanced feature settings.
3) Tick the “Enable Quotations and Payments” box and click the “Save” button.

The website automatically creates a quotation whenever a rental booking is created.  It does this for bookings received via the website and bookings you add manually.  The quotation is based on:

To edit a Quotation, open the relevant booking and click the “Quotations” tab.  You’ll find links to edit, delete or add pricing information.

This Quotation will initially appear as ESTIMATED.  It won’t appear on your guest’s Booking Statement until it’s been VALIDATED (approved) by you and the booking status is “Accepted”.  You can make any changes to the quotation; edit line items; and new line items.  After you’ve validated the quotation it becomes available to your guest as part of the the Booking Statement. 

You can manually override the quotation using the “Override” link, and specify a single quoted value.  “OVERRIDDEN” will show on the quoted value if this is done.

Calculations are automatically performed on any booking less than 31 days long.  “TOO LONG” will appear on bookings too long to calculate.

When you accept a booking you have the option to validate the quotation and convert the quotation to a charge all in a single step.

NOTE: If you edit dates on a booking, then you’ll have to manually re-set the quotation as our system doesn’t automatically do this.

How do I set up Rental Terms (a rental agreement)?

This article is for: Managers

To define your online Rental Terms:

1) Go to and log in.

2) Go to My Settings > Rental Terms

3) Select the online Rental Terms option and complete the basic questionnaire. 

Once you save the questionnaire form, the following information is created:

* Payment Terms: What portion of the payment should be paid when (e.g. deposit vs. balance)

* Cancellation Terms: Settings associated with how you handle cancellations. 

* Cancellation Charges: What amounts are forfeited when a booking is cancelled.

* Other Rental Terms: Any other Rental Terms you want to include in your agreement.  For example, you may have a policy on pets, parties, breakages, or on-site camping etc.

Once you’ve created your Rental Terms, you need to validate them before they can be used.  Once they have been validated, they’ll be included on a Booking Statement (see the separate help article on this).

Note that we “snap shot” your Rental Terms on each booking request.  So if you make changes over time, you still have a record of what terms applied when a booking was lodged.

How do I recover a deleted booking?

This article is for: Managers

Bookabach lets you recover bookings that were either declined or cancelled (deleted). To do this:

1) Go to and log in.

2) Go to the Bookings Tab.

3) Click the down arrow in the date-range box and select the required time period.

4) Tick the “Show deleted (Declined/Cancelled)” check-box (located under the “Table View” button) to display deleted bookings (shown in pink).

5) Use the “Recover booking” link for the entry you want to recover.

Rental bookings that are recovered are shown in the “Requested” state.  From there you will need to Accept/Confirm/Complete them as required.

How do I Confirm an Accepted booking?

This article is for: Managers

You should confirm bookings once a deposit has been received as security.  To convert an Accepted Booking to a Confirmed Booking:

1. Go to and log in.

2. Click the Bookings Tab

3. Find the booking using the search facility at the top of the page, or by clicking the down arrow in the date-range box and selecting “All future bookings”.

4. Click the “Confirm booking” link (on the right-hand side).

We give you the option to send an email to your customer indicating that the booking has been confirmed.  Confirmed bookings show as red (booked) on your calendar and red (booked) on your listing.

I’m using Payment Tracking.  How do I change a due date on an individual payment?

This article is for: Managers

If you are using Payment Tracking, a Payment Schedule for a booking is set-up automatically when you accept the booking.  The expected payment dates are derived from the information you supply in your Payment Terms (in your Rental Terms).  However, you can change these dates if you need to for individual bookings.  For example, perhaps you’ve made an agreement for balance to be paid on arrival, rather than in advance.  To change the payment schedule dates associated with an individual booking:

1) Go to and log in.

2) Click the “Bookings” tab.  Find the booking and open it.

3) Click the Charges & Payments tab.

4) Use the “Edit” link next to the payment you want to re-schedule.  Make and Save your change.

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