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How do I change my contact details?

This article is for: Managers Renters

You can change your address and/or phone numbers, and add your AA Membership or Smartfuel number to your profile.

To change your contact details on Bookabach:

1) Log in to your “My Bookabach” account.
2) Click the “Update my details” link.
3) Enter the new details and click the “Save” button.

1) Go to and log in
2) Go to My Settings > Personal Details
3) Click the “Edit personal details” button.
4) Enter the new details and click the “Save” button.

I’ve received negative feedback. What should I do?

This article is for: Managers Renters

Most people understand that there are two sides to any story - and feedback comments are “opinion pieces”.  In general provided you have a history of good transactions on Bookabach, a single piece of negative feedback should not significantly affect your ranking or ability to use Bookabach. 

We give you the right to respond to feedback and provide your side of the story - and we recommend that you use this opportunity to clearly state your point of view. To do this:


1) Go to and log in to your “My Bookabach” account.
2) Use the View/respond to feedback link.
3) Use the Attach a response link below the feedback in question.
4) Enter your comments (maximum of 500 characters including spaces) and Save.

Owners/Property managers:

To respond to Guest Book comments:

1) Go to and log in.
2) Go to Listing > Guest book.
3) Click the “Attach a response” link under the relevant entry.
4) Enter your comments (maximum of 500 characters including spaces) and Save.

To respond to personal feedback comments:

1) Go to and log in.
2) Go to My Settings (link on the top right of screen under your name).
3) Use the View/respond to feedback link below your contact details.
4) Enter your comments (maximum of 500 characters including spaces) and Save.

We strongly advise you not to retaliate by placing negative feedback on them - unless you have a genuine grievance with the way they have treated you.  Retaliating by placing negative feedback where it is not justified can reflect badly on your own listing.

Sorry, Bookabach will not intervene to "sanitise" feedback - see our policy on editing feedback.

What should be included in a rental agreement?

This article is for: Managers

A Rental Agreement protects both you and your guests and can prevent time consuming and potentially costly disputes.

Your Rental Agreement should include:

* Payment Terms (when you expect payment(s) to be made).

* Cancellation Terms and charges (what happens when someone cancels).  It should also include a clause that describes what happens if you (the owner or property manager) has to cancel the booking.

* Other Rental Terms you want included (eg your policy on damages/breakages, bond, parties, pets etc).


To create a Rental Agreement online:


1) Go to and log in

2) Go to My Settings > Rental Terms.

For more advice on what to include in a Rental Agreement, see the owner/manager Resources article: "What to include in a rental agreement".

How do Manager Text Alerts (SMS) work?

This article is for: Managers

Manager Text Alerts let you know when a new booking request is received or a question is asked about your property.  They are especially useful if you don’t check your email every day.

The text includes the following information:

Your property ID: The property can be viewed using{propertyID}

The booking reference: is the booking request reference number (if it’s a booking).  You can go to and log in and use the search facility at the top of the page.  Just type the booking reference in the search box to locate the booking request.

The member info: Includes name and contact phone numbers for the Bookabach member.

To receive manager text alerts, you must be the Rental Contact.  You must opt in to receive alerts (My Settings > Contact Preferences) and have your mobile number validated.  Manager Text Alerts are FREE until further notice.  We’ll let you know well in advance if we decide to start charging for this particular aspect of our service.

How do I set up Rental Terms (a rental agreement)?

This article is for: Managers

To define your online Rental Terms:

1) Go to and log in.

2) Go to My Settings > Rental Terms

3) Select the online Rental Terms option and complete the basic questionnaire. 

Once you save the questionnaire form, the following information is created:

* Payment Terms: What portion of the payment should be paid when (e.g. deposit vs. balance)

* Cancellation Terms: Settings associated with how you handle cancellations. 

* Cancellation Charges: What amounts are forfeited when a booking is cancelled.

* Other Rental Terms: Any other Rental Terms you want to include in your agreement.  For example, you may have a policy on pets, parties, breakages, or on-site camping etc.

Once you’ve created your Rental Terms, you need to validate them before they can be used.  Once they have been validated, they’ll be included on a Booking Statement (see the separate help article on this).

Note that we “snap shot” your Rental Terms on each booking request.  So if you make changes over time, you still have a record of what terms applied when a booking was lodged.

How do I set up an email template?

This article is for: Managers

You can set up email templates for standard responses you need while managing bookings through the website.  For example, you may want a standard “accept booking” template that includes how to pay a rental deposit; or you may have a standard response for when a booking is cancelled.

You can choose the template you want to use at the time you send your email correspondence through the website, and the website will remember the last template you used for that given action.

To set up an email template:
1. Go to and log in.
2. Go to My Settings and then Email Templates.  You will find our default email templates for different stages of the booking process.

To create your custom version of an existing template:

  1. Locate the template you want your email to be based on and click ‘Copy’.
  2. Edit the text of the template, and use the ‘Insert Field’ option to insert Guest, Booking and Contact details that is specific to that particular booking.
  3. Save all changes.

To create your own template, please click the “+Add template” link.

NOTE: If you manage multiple properties then we recommend you keep these templates generic and don’t include property-specific information in them.

What is your policy on editing feedback?

This article is for: Managers Renters

In the interests of preserving the integrity of Bookabach feedback, and providing impartiality to both renters and owners/managers alike, we will not remove or edit feedback except in the following circumstances:

*  Where comments are defamatory, offensive or contain language of an inappropriate nature.  We reserve the sole right to determine what is considered offensive, defamatory or inappropriate language.

*  Where the author of the feedback has requested it be removed or amended.  Any requests for amendments should be made to Bookabach Support.  A request for feedback to be modified or withdrawn must come via email and from the email address the member uses for their Bookabach log in.

Note that feedback includes both member feedback and property guestbook entries.

How do I get guest book entries for my bach?

This article is for: Managers

Guest book entries on individual listings are provided by previous guests who have stayed at the property.  To receive guest book entries for your property, please ensure that you Confirm all Bookabach rental bookings that are definitely going ahead on your website booking calendar.  Doing this triggers an automatic process whereby we send a "Request for feedback" email to the guest after the stay has Completed.

This email contains a link to an online feedback form.  The feedback form includes three sections: feedback on the transactions with you as the rental contact (member feedback), space for a guest book comment on the property and a section for the star rating (see the separate help article on this). 

Note that you (as owner or property manager) will also receive a Request for feedback related to the transaction.  This allows you to provide feedback on the guests.

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