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What does POA mean? (for owners/managers)

This article is for: Managers

POA stands for “Price On Application”.  If your listing is showing POA for pricing, then this means you either don’t have a tariff assigned for the dates in question, or the tariff assigned does not have a price set.

See this help article on How to Edit Pricing.

How do I request a booking?

This article is for: Renters

Every Bookabach listing has a price and availability box that is located underneath the main property description.

Note that we use the following colour codes on the calendar:

RED: The property is already booked.
YELLOW: Provisionally booked (a requested or accepted booking is already present).  You are welcome to make an enquiry but you are unlikely to have it accepted.
GREY: Availability information not displayed.  You can still request a booking, but you will have to wait to find out availability.
You’ll also find public, provincial and school holidays marked on the calendar (small coloured triangles).
POA = price on application.
NFS = not for sale.

To make a booking request, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the “Request a booking” section of the listing.

2) Either place your cursor in the “Arrive on” box and use the drop-down calendar to select your arrival date, or use the main calendar display and click on your arrival date.

3) Select your departure date.

4) Enter the number of adults and children staying.

5) Holding your cursor over a selected date in green will bring up a pop-up box with full pricing information and any minimum night stay requirement.

6) Click the red “Request a booking” button once you’ve selected your days.

7) Add and/or edit the relevant details and submit your request.

When you request a booking, the website will immediately notify the bach owner or property manager.   You’ll receive an acknowledgement email from us and in most cases it will have the property owner’s/manager’s contact phone numbers, so you can call to follow up your request. 

A record of your booking request will be entered in My Bookabach > Bookings.

If you want to book long-term or for a shorter period than the minimum night stay requirement, you should use the “Got a question about this listing?” function on the listing to directly contact the property owners/managers.  If they’re willing to accept your request, they can convert your question to a booking from their end.

I stayed at a property and want to provide feedback, how do I do this?

This article is for: Renters

We automatically send a “Request for Feedback” email notice a few days after the completion of your stay.  Use the coloured link in that email stating “Place feedback on…” to get through to the online feedback questionnaire.

If you haven’t received this email or you’ve lost it, or if you just want to provide feedback as soon as your stay completes, you can do this online by:

1) Going to and logging into My Bookabach
2) Go to Past Bookings
3) Use the Give feedback link on the past booking

1) Find the listing on
2) Use the feedback link in the Guest Comments section.  (You’ll then be asked to log-in if you are not already).

Feedback links are only generated on bookings with the booking status of “Completed” - and only on bookings you’ve made through Bookabach.  You can only provide feedback on bookings that were completed within the last 365 days.

If your booking proceeded, but is still showing as “Requested” or “Accepted” on the Past Bookings page of your My Bookabach account, then please let us know using the Did this go ahead? link.

If you stay at the same property more than once, you won’t be able to create feedback entries for each stay.  You’ll only get one feedback entry, located under the original stay date, and previous comments will be superceded each time you add new comments.  It’s industry standard to allow only one feedback entry per person, and this is to prevent feedback manipulation.

I’ve made an enquiry but haven’t had a response.  What do I do?

This article is for: Renters

If you’ve made a booking request but haven’t had a response from the property owner/manager here’s what to do:

Check the current status of your booking

First, log into your My Bookabach account and go to my bookabach > Bookings to check your booking request.  There’s a chance that it has been declined but the owner/manager omitted to send you an email.  By default you should receive an email from them, but they can override this and choose not to send the email.

If your booking is still showing as REQUESTED

Check the email we sent you when you first made the enquiry (booking request acknowledgement).  In this email (in most cases) you’ll find the owner/manager contact information and an indication of how quickly they typically respond.  Remember that holiday homes are not like hotels and motels, and in many cases owners are not doing this “for a living”.  While some commit to responding quickly, some are up front in saying it may take them a few days to respond, so please respect this. 

Use the owner/manager contact details to contact them by phone.  You’ll find a link to their contact details next to the entry in My Bookabach > Bookings.

If you haven’t heard back in the specified time frame and the owner’s/manager’s contact details aren’t recorded, then please put in a support request and we’ll follow up for you.  If the response time isn’t specified, we’ll contact an owner/manager on your behalf if you haven’t heard back after 48 hours (excluding weekends).

How does Bookastay/Bookabach work?  (for renters)

This article is for: Renters

Bookabach puts would-be bach renters directly in touch with owners and property managers of the finest baches, beach houses and self-catering holiday homes in New Zealand.

First of all, please understand that all the properties you see on the Bookabach website are managed by their owners - or in some cases a property manager appointed by the bach owner - not by Bookabach.

So, when you make an enquiry on a property your request is automatically sent to the owner/manager of the property.  On making an enquiry you will be provided with the owner/manager’s contact details so you can call them to follow-up.

It’s THEIR responsibility to:

* Decide whether to accept or decline your booking request
* Provide you with more details on the property and answer any question you may have
* Organise with you payment of a deposit to confirm the booking; plus any bond and balance of rental
* Provide you with a rental agreement (we recommend this)

Bookabach facilitates this process by providing the website - a safe place to rent holiday homes* - and tools for the owners/property managers to use for effective management of their properties.

*Note that Bookabach orders properties by default using a scoring system heavily-weighted to feedback from other renters - so the ones furthest up the top have the most rental history.

What does POA mean? (for renters)

This article is for: Renters

POA stands for “Price on application”.

This means that the bach owner or property manager has not provided pricing information.  You will need to make a booking request and ask for a price quotation.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I retrieve (reset) it?

This article is for: Managers Renters

You’ll find a “Forgotten password” link on every log-in form.  This will take you to a page with instructions on how you can re-set your password.  For security reasons we encrypt passwords and we no longer send them out in emails.  The Reset Password email you’ll receive contains a special link you can use to set-up a new access password.

If you request a password re-set more than once, use the most recent link sent to you, as previous links will be invalidated each time you request a new one.

Account lock-out on Owner-Manager Website
After 10 log in attempts on the Owner/Manager website your account will be locked for a period of 30 minutes.  We’ll send you an email to let you know how to unlock it - or you can wait 30 minutes.  This is to protect against automated hacking of accounts where an email address is known but a password is not.

I am having problems logging in. What do I do?

This article is for: Managers Renters

If you are having trouble logging in, first check to make sure you are using the correct email address.  If you have more than one email address, ensure you’re using the one you have registered with Bookabach and you’re typing it correctly.  Also, the log-in email address and password are case-sensitive, so enter them exactly as you registered them. 

If you have forgotten your password, you can have the website send you an email with a link to “reset” your password. You’ll find a “Forgotten password?” link on every log-in form.  If you re-set your password, choose something new and don’t enter something you’ve used with us before.

If you still can’t log in, please put in a support request instead of creating a new membership account.

If you KNOW that your details are correct then check the following:  We rely on “Cookies” - small pieces of information stored on your computer -  to keep track of your “session” on the website while you are logged in.  If your browser is set to block Cookies then you will not be able to log-in and establish your session. To fix this go to your browser settings:

Internet Explorer
Go to: Tools > Internet options > Security (or Privacy): Click “Default level”.  You may also need to add to your trusted sites

Go to: Tools > Privacy > Cookies: Ensure the “Accept cookies from sites” is checked. Then try registering/logging-in again.

Note that some corporate firewalls or browser acceleration software can affect cookie files.  Further information on this can be found on Google’s site: See Browser troubleshooting basics.

Account lock-out on Owner-Manager Website
After 10 log-in attempts on the Owner/Manager website your account will be locked for a period of 30 minutes.  We’ll send you an email to let you know how to unlock it - or you can wait 30 minutes.  This is to protect against automated hacking of accounts where an email address is known but a password is not.

Help for Owners/Managers

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