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Making memories this summer with Bookabach

The best holiday rentals for the kids to make a big splash

Everyone can remember splashing about, learning to swim, relaxing by a private pool or hopping from hot tub to freezing pool to hot tub again. In fact, our Holiday Nostalgia report showed 44% relaxed in a hot tub with loved ones and 38% have played in the pool all day when on holiday. Whether you’re a little kid, big kid or kid in an adults body, we have the watering spots for you! Check out these baches with beautiful pools and spas.

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Best homes for extended family holidays

When it comes to the summer holidays, ‘the more the merrier’ applies to everything. Our Holiday Nostalgia Report revealed 48% of Kiwi groups stayed with family most in a holiday rental and 66% rated multiple bedrooms as a top bach feature.

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The best outdoor entertaining areas for firing up the BBQ with old friends

Got sausages, steak and seafood for the big family BBQ but want the perfect backyard to cook it in? You’ve come to the right place.

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The best properties to reconnect with loved ones

What do holidays mean to you? For many, they’re the Instagram reel of real life. We soak up as much time as we can with family, leave our phones off and turn our skin wrinkly from too many hours in the pool. Mum and dad sit around outside long after the BBQ feast is done, with the kids playing in the pool until the creepy crawlies come out. It’s an all round fun time.

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The best baches to watch the sunrise

We all remember getting shooed to bed on holidays, already at an extended bedtime, while the adults did their thing. Grown up time means soaking up the summer weather, gazing at the stars and having quality conversations with a wine in hand

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